ALCAT Ready Mix & Asphalt

ALCAT Readymix & Asphalt has started its operations with a clear vision to support infrastructure of the country by supplying durable concrete and asphalt.

Readymix Concrete Plant

Our fully computerized state-of-the-art Readymix Batching Plant is situated at Street # 38 in Industrial Area. The production capacity of our plant is 100cum/hour and having a support of 10 Transit Mixers with capacity of 10cum each and two mobile boom placer pumps. The plant is backed-up by a 75T ice plant and chilling plant with modern technology.

If the project is located a distance of 15-20km from our plant, with our existing capacity we are able to pour 70 cum per hour. Depends upon the type of pour we are flexible to adjust our manpower. In the above case, at the moment we can provide a maximum of 700-800cum in one day, in view of the future market trend we plan to increase our capacity and equipment in order to satisfy our loyal customers with its maximum level.

If the site is near to the plant, then the scenario is different and we can provide the concrete in the range of 1200-1400cum in a day.

To achieve the highest possible level of product quality and to ensure specification compliance following measures had been adopted:

  1. Fully equipped laboratory with most of the testing facilities available.

  2. Electronic testing machine for the compressive strength.

  3. Permeability testing facility.

  4. Systematic water tank available to cure the cubes as per the requirement

  5. Facility of ACT

  6. Regular trials to prepare a batch book

  7. R&D for the new product

  8. Strict test is to be done on all incoming raw material to ensure the quality at every stage

  9. Calibration is to be done on regular specified interval to make sure of the quality as well as the quantity of concrete is perfect.

  10. Inspection on each & every load of concrete before it leaves the premises.

Asphalt Concrete Plant

Way back we have started operations of our two asphalt plants, one is situated in Industrial Area Street # 41 with a capacity of 150T/hr (Marini) and another one is 120T/hr (Vianova), it is situated in Umbirka. Our asphalt plants have been approved by Qatar General Organization for Standards and Metrology and many of the Government Organizations as well. We are one of the pioneer providers of asphalt concrete in Qatar, many prestigious projects had been so far completed.


Our Products

Ready Mix Concrete

Asphalt Concrete

Health & Safety Measures

We must all cooperate in building a culture that thinks of health & safety environment at all times and in everything we do. A safer & healthier environment will enhance productivity and retention of the right people. To maintain this concept in our organization following measures had been taken for the health & safety.

  1. Our Company has a clear vision and policy about the safety, health & environment

  2. We would like to give a very safe & good environment to our employees so that once they leave their home. the family will be in comfortable zone that the person is working at a very safe  place

  3. No one is allowed to work in premises without having proper PPE and authorization to work.

  4. Sprinkling of water on floor area on specific interval to avoid the dust evolution

  5. Taking proper care while working at heights, confined spaces etc.

  6. Lock out system will be in place

  7. All the required fire extinguishers will be in place; additionally we have plenty of water and sand in place for any such kind of emergencies.

  8. All the near miss has to be reported if any.

  9. Fall arresters will be in place.

  10. Reverse horns will be available in the entire vehicle which is moving inside the premises along with the bank men to guide them.